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Installation and Glazing Instructions

1.     Sash opening must be square, in plane and structurally adequate to prevent mechanical stressing of glazed insulated unit. All sash corner joints must be watertight and the sill member weeped to the outdoors.

2.     Units must be glazed on two rubber (equivalent material) setting blocks located at quarter points of the sill. Blocks should be 3" - 4" long and 1/8" wider than units thickness to obtain a uniform and equal support.

3.     Edge clearances 1/8" to 1/4" depending on size of unit must be maintained. At no point should the glass unit be in contact with sash member.

4.     Glazing materials should be resilient, non hardening compound or tape or lock-strip clastomeric gasket containing NO solvents. DO NOT USE OIL BASE COMPOUNDS.

5.     All glazing material of approved type must maintain water-tightness and remain effective for the unit's guarantee period.

6.     All wrap around gaskets must be perforated with weep holes.

7.     Failure to adhere to above recommended glazing instructions can effect the performance of the I.G. units thereby voiding this warranty.




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